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Electrodynamic Shaker

The MB Dynamics(TM) C10E shaker is a proven, rugged, high quality, air-cooled shaker that is ideal for vibration, production screening, and reliability testing. The controller is capable of random, sine, and shock testing. Testing may be performed in conformance to MIL-STD-810. Up to four channels of data may be acquired automatically, and if necessary additional data may be recorded with a separate data acquisition system.

The shaker can be used for Buzz, Squeak, Rattle (BSR) and Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) testing.

NATC personnel have experience in test setup, fixture design, data acquisition, modal dynamics, fatigue and failure analysis.

C10E Shaker Performance
Force output 1200 lbs Sine peak
Random RMS 950 lbs
Shock 2400 lbs
Max acceleration 68 g's
Max velocity 70 in/sec
Max stroke 1" (+1/2") between stops - continuous only
Frequency range 5 - 3000 Hz
Payload capacity Limited only by axial suspension stiffness and test stroke requirements
Shaker/Trunnion Built-in isolators reduce transmitted vibration to < 1% above
Isolation 25 Hz

C10E Mechanical Specifications
Cooling Forced air by remote blower
Stray 36 gauss, at table surface
Shaker Rotation + 90° from vertical
Suspension Stiffness 360 lbs/in
Moving Element 9 1/4" diameter, 17 1/2 lbs 8" diameter outer bolt circle axial resonance >3000 Hz
Shaker Weight 1150 lbs net
Shaker Size 26 1/2" W x 30 1/2"D x 30 1/4" H
Protective Features Shaker overtravel switches. Moving element mechanical stops


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