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Works under the direct supervision of the Program Manager and/or Instrumentation Supervisor. Instrumentation technician with a primary focus on performing and maintaining calibration of the instrumentation assets for the company. Duties include maintenance and tracking of the assets, calibration records, and all documentation associated with those assets as well as performing on-site calibration, corrective action, and support of ISO 17025.


1. Performs preventative maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of instrument assets.
2. Selects appropriate sensors based upon the data requirements of the engineering/test operations groups.
3. Calibrates instrumentation in a quality and timely manner.
4. Installs instrumentation on test vehicles and equipment.
5. Maintains Instrumentation Department records utilizing filing systems and computer databases.
6. Creates calibration, data entry, and quality control procedures.
7. Creates and manages all instrumentation forms including setup sheets, calibration data sheets, job tracking forms and other forms as defined.
8. Schedules calibration for and tracking repairs of all instruments within the Calibration Maintenance Database.
9. Monitors the need for and creation of purchase requisitions for instrumentation department consumables, new instruments, and shop tooling.
10. Interfaces with external vendors to provide calibration services including selecting appropriate vendors, monitoring quality of service, and establishing comprehensive vendor list.
11. Understands the standards that instruments must be calibrated to and verifies that internal and external calibrations meet those standards.
12. Relates well with employees and customers at all levels and at all times in a professional and personable manner.
13. Other duties as assigned.


1. Installs sensors, data acquisition systems, and instrumentation cables.
2. Builds and repairs cabling for sensors and acquisition systems using proper soldering and assembly techniques.
3. Cleans the calibration lab.
4. Operates company vehicles in support of test operations.
5. Assist in special projects.


1. Associate of Science degree from an accredited college/technical school in instrumentation, electronics or metrology with two (2) years work experience in the field of instrumentation, electronics, or metrology; or a combination of education and four (4) years work experience in instrumentation, electronics or metrology.
2. Able to work in excess of 40 hours per week with varied work shifts.
3. Must have or be able to obtain and maintain a valid Nevada Driver's License.
4. Must possess an understanding of sensor technology necessary to accurately measure parameters such as acceleration, force, displacement, strain, temperature, pressure, and velocity.
5. Must be able to type a minimum of 35 words per minute.
6. Must possess strong computer skills including data base entry, report creation, and report generation skills and proficiency in the use of MS Office Suite.
7. Must possess skills in math including basic algebra.
8. Must possess professional skills in reading, editing and proofing documentation with high accuracy.
9. Must possess professional skills in reading and interpreting charts, graphs and tabular data.
10. Must possess professional skills in the proper use and operation of electronic and other test and measurement equipment.
11. Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, expressing ideas clearly and actively listening to thoughts and ideas of others.
12. Must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality.
13. Must be detail-oriented.
14. Must have excellent organization and time management skills.
15. Must be flexible and able to handle multiple priorities, with the ability to adjust to high pressure and rapidly changing business conditions.


1. Performs tasks in the field in extreme temperature and/or environmental conditions.
2. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
3. Must be able to climb and maneuver around vehicles.


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