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Fleet Services

With NATC's 45 years of understanding how vehicles are used in the field, we offer a wide range of services for fleet managers:

Vehicle Selection:

NATC can deploy a regimented system to assist in purchasing the correct mix of vehicles. NATC will identify common usage patterns in your fleet, establishing vehicle requirements for each usage pattern. Taking this information, a system will be created to optimize vehicle selection, option content, allowable usage and life-cycle costs. The system can be used on an ongoing basis to make the best vehicle purchasing decisions for your organization.


NATC offers both standard and customized training for your drivers. Classes range from basic off-road driving to driving techniques in an emergency situation, such as a tire blowout. NATC will evaluate the needs of your organization and make recommendations on the mix of training required to enhance your organization's driving skills. In addition to performing training at NATC's site, training can be performed at your facility. Or, NATC can help develop and implement a tailored training system at your facility, including train the trainer classes.

Cost Reduction Programs:

Programs can be implemented to reduce life-cycle costs across fleets. NATC can perform a survey of the current fleet including fleet distribution, maintenance costs and usage requirements. Areas can then be identified that will yield the largest potential cost reductions. Specific investigation strategies can be outlined to create a turnkey plan to determine the optimal changes to reduce life-cycle cost, while maintaining or increasing safety and functional performance.

Replacement Part Certification:

For critical consumables such as tires, NATC can construct a supplier certification and validation program to ensure that purchased consumables meet or exceed the functional specifications, while minimizing life-cycle costs.

Fleet Modifications:

Fleet requirements sometimes involve modification of commercial vehicles. NATC can deliver a turnkey solution for vehicle modifications, including engineering, validation, supplier source selection, fabrication and installation.

Fleet Monitoring:

In order to gain a better understanding of how and where your fleet is used, NATC can deploy cost effective data acquisition systems on your fleet. This will allow you to collect data on critical information as a function of time. With large, transportable memory, large amounts of data can be collected and stored on-board before data download is required.


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