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Ground Vehicle Tests

NATC has the on-site capability to evaluate all aspects of ground vehicle operations and performance. The broad variety of terrain at NATC allows simulation of every type of terrain condition from paved roads to severe cross-country. The NATC courses are used to certify performance and RAM-D requirements of prototype and production military vehicles. Mobility test areas range from soft mud (.7 cone index) to sand (10 square-mile live dune) to snow and ice. Commercial test environments include ride and handling course, paved tracks for operational sustained speeds up to 180 mph, salt troughs and cobblestone roads.

The main complex facilities are designed to support the full range of requirements for vehicle development tests. Large shop areas with mobile cranes, machine shops and fabrication facilities are designed for the immediate response required in field test situations.

A complete range of performance tests conducted in accordance with ISO, SAE, FMVSS, CMVSS, DOT, ASTM, NAV-SEA, FMCSR, EC/ECE and Military Standards can be performed. The proving ground's capabilities are not limited to these standard tests. NATC has the flexibility and experience to design special tests to meet a client's specialized testing needs. In addition, instrumented tests can be conducted virtually anywhere in the world. NATC has conducted tests in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Algeria, Egypt, Tanzania, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and China. NATC has an in-depth understanding of technologies used and operational issues in countries around the world.

Based on this international experience, NATC has developed test routines representative of specific geographic areas. Examples include:

European Simulator

Includes high-speed operation, paved secondary roads, cobblestones, mountainous terrain, snow, soft soil, humidity, rain and blowing rain, high and low temperature, salt fog.

Middle East Simulator

Includes paved roads, unimproved roads, sand courses, basaltic rock, blowing sand and dust tests, high temperature, solar load.

China Simulator

Includes paved roads, unimproved roads, basaltic rock, soft sand, mud, blowing sand and dust tests, high and low temperature, rain and blowing rain, solar load.

Russia Simulator

Includes high-speed operation, paved secondary roads, unimproved roads, degraded paved roads, basaltic rock, snow, frozen tundra, mountainous terrain, high and low temperature, rain and blowing rain, blowing sand and dust, humidity, solar load.


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