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Machine Shop, Welding and Fabrication Facilities

NATC has designed its shop facilities for one purpose: timely support of on-going test programs. Approximately 27,000 square feet of maintenance, fabrication, repair and instrumentation facilities; approximately 8,000 square feet of office and conference areas; and approximately 4,800 square feet of secure storage provide the immediate working space. All shop buildings are set in pre-stressed concrete pads, and temperature control units provide for comfortable working conditions year round.

Included within these facilities are a twin post 24,000-pound hydraulic vehicle hoist, two 8,000-pound hydraulic vehicle hoists, and two 5,000-pound overhead chain pull hoists. Each shop is equipped with 110/220 AC three phase power, 150 psig compressed air supply, water outlets and secure tool and equipment storage areas. Adjacent to the main shop area is a 500-square-foot steam cleaning and wash rack and a 50,000-gallon fuel storage facility.

NATC also has a fully equipped machine shop, a welding facility and certified welders on-site. A pertinent list of the equipment available to support test programs is given below:

Machine Shop Equipment Welding Equipment
Lathes Gas (Oxygen/acetylene)
Vertical milling machine AC/DC arc (electrode)
Belt sander - grinder MIG (wire feed)
Bandsaws TIG (aluminum)
Breaks Jet, carbon or air arc cut

A loading dock and pay loading area is located in close proximity to the main maintenance and heavy equipment maintenance shops. Payload materials include 500-pound to 10,000-pound concrete blocks, redwood timbers, 500-pound to 1,000-pound steel plate, and 100-pound sand bags. Other materials are available for the proper center of gravity height to be obtained under vertical payload conditions. Pay loading is accomplished by Hiab hydraulic cranes, M52 5-ton wrecker crane, Lima 30-ton cable crane, and fork lift. The loading dock is cut-away, concrete and steel reinforced in two heights to accommodate the majority of trailers.


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