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Modeling, FEA and CAE/CAD

The Nevada Automotive Test Center recognizes that modeling and simulation are valuable tools in vehicle development to optimize design and minimize program risk. NATC offers a full range of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) capabilities including full vehicle dynamic modeling/simulation, Controls Systems modeling and integration, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with fatigue prediction capability and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).

Vehicle Model Development and Validation

Coupled with our established world wide and North American duty cycles, data acquisition and advanced engineering analysis and prototype fabrication capabilities, NATC provides the customer with one-stop solutions from design to product verification. Utilizing simulation tools including ADAMS, MATLAB, SDRC I-DEAS, and several finite element analysis codes, NATC provides rapid design or corrective action development.

NATC understands customer expectations and the demands placed on the vehicles they use. From USMC OMFTS to commercial public utility to standard vocational and over-the-road trucks, we have developed validated dynamics models which include tire-soil interface parameters necessary to provide the level of simulation accuracy necessary to make design decisions.

NATC has design and drafting capabilities required to produce engineering drawings in pen and ink or through the use of AutoCAD. NATC maintenance and fabrication personnel work closely with NATC engineering personnel. Fabrication drawings are developed in-house.

All the necessary hardware to do limited fabrication, manufacturing mock-ups, and prototypes is also available in-house.

For example:

  1. NATC has built 15 Dynamic Force Measurement Vehicles.
  2. NATC has built a 125,000-pound mobile dynamometer for China.
  3. NATC has built numerous Central Tire Inflation Systems in support of U.S. Forest Service studies, including a system for an eleven-axle tractor-trailer.
  4. To support developmental and prototype testing, NATC has to fabricate numerous components and subassemblies. NATC can support electronic circuit design as well as mechanical fabrication.


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